We believe in responsible, timeless and quality t-shirts.

Intemporalité du t-shirt


There is nothing more timeless than the t-shirt, and in particular the white and black t-shirt, backbones of any wardrobe. Far from us this idea of discrediting other colors - they have an equally important place in our wardrobe - however, these two shades are our favorites because they cross the borders of time and fit with any other item of clothes, whatever its color, for all seasons and for any occasion.

The cuts are also timeless since we choose to keep only two styles: fitted and elegant oversize. Comfortable and structured cuts to fit to sensitive and passionate people for many years.


Fast fashion, after many decades focusing on profitability, has had catastrophic social, health and environmental consequences. Understanding these very negative impacts on our planet, we have chosen to step into more sustainable and responsible fashion.

Far from a fashion that favors profitability over mass-produced models, we take a stand for quality and very limited series. On the one hand, this more responsible vision allows us to better focus on the manufacturing and know-how of our partners and on the other hand, to consume less and reduce our impact on the environment while promoting jobs and more ethical production.

Mode Responsable

Because we are only guests on this planet which will still be there for a very long time after our transit, we must think of the future generations who will inherit it in the state as we leave it to them.

We don't inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children," Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

Because we firmly believe that all our actions will leave impacts on our beautiful blue planet, we must act now to return for generations to come a healthier earth to live, more beautiful to be amazed and to save what can still be.


Gone are the days when fashion rhymes with production at the furthest ends of the earth where very low cost labor is exploited in sometimes inhuman conditions. We choose to work mainly with local partners, when possible, or with those who put people at the heart of their business.

Our partners are located either in France or in Europe where working conditions are supervised and workers' rights respected. Some of our partners are family businesses, which guarantees technical know-how and traditional values passed down from generation to generation.


Our choice to work with French and European manufacturers makes it possible to limit our carbon footprint on the environment. Our materials are sustainable and traceable, certified without harmful substances and responsible in the use of natural resources (global labels GOTS® and OEKO-TEX®).

We say NO to plastic! Thus, we favor, for packaging, eco-responsible and biodegradable material which breaks down into natural elements in a specific environment, without toxic effects in the soil.


We love to tell stories! Whether sad or happy, whether they are legendary or ordinary everyday life, these stories have the merit of provoking a reaction and an emotion that are unique to us: a tear, a smile, serenity. , anger, happiness etc ...

These stories also transport us to distant lands, to the four corners of the world, where we will bring back for you little anecdotes, myths and great tales told through our modest designs.